World-class Industry City Developer

Industrial City Developer

CFLD Indonesia is aspired to build and develop Indonesia's world-class industry cities. The cities of the future where industries are thriving, businesses are flourishing and communities are prospering.

We believe the industry cities we build and develop can support equal economic growth in the region and connect local cities, local business-owners and local talents to global supply chain markets.

We develop cities that not only focus on large industrial areas, but cities that are able to integrate industrial estates, residential areas, and commercial areas. We develop industry cities that are exciting and thriving where large-scale industry work hand-in-hand with local SMEs. We develop industries cities where people and nature are in balance. We develop cities that emphasizes innovation, technology, and connectivity.

Strategic Partnership

Stragtegic Partnership

A concept that has become part of Indonesia’s cultural values and the best method to build and develop an Industrial City is through cooperation or as is it called in Indonesian, "Gotong Royong"

We believe that industrial cities will be effective and can reach their maximum potential and growth through mutual and solid cooperation between private sector, the central government, local government and local communities.

CFLD Indonesia develops integrated industrial cities that incorporate design planning and consideration on city infrastructure, transport and digital connectivity, as well as sustainable urban planning. We ensure that our project developments can support Indonesia's industrial, economic and social improvements through partnership with regional governments and city development plans that are in accordance and in support towards the strategic direction, potency, resources, and needs of citizens and local government.