About Us

As a World-class new industry cities developer, CFLD is committed to be Indonesia trusted partner to bring value add to the Indonesia growing economy, infrastructure development plans, and creating multiplier-effect to the people of Indonesia. We aspire to build Indonesia's future top industry cities where industries are thriving, businesses are flourishing and communities are prospering.

With more than 50 projects around the world, including in the United States, Europe, Asia, India, Middle East and South East Asia, CFLD Indonesia is able to combine local needs talents and potentials with our global experience and expertise to ensure the cities we build and the communities we serve are happy and sustainable.

What is industrial city?

More extensive than the well-known concept of an industrial area, an industrial city is a city concept that integrates the advantages and benefits of industrial, residential and commercial areas with high concentration of population activities and is integrally-connected with other cities and its surrounding areas.

The intensive activities from industries, large businesses, SMEs and people live in the city will create high local polarization to the city, boost economic growth, attract investors and talented people to work and live in the city, connect local businesses and talent to the global economy, and ultimately create massive multiplier effects. It is a city concept of future ecosystem where industries are thriving, businesses are flourishing and communities are prospering.

Global Presence

CFLD Indonesia is part of CFLD International one of Asia’s Top 50 Listed Companies* and are the top new industry city developer in China responsible for 52 large scale projects with total assets exceeding $36bn. Our growing global footprint in more than 60 regions anticipates a turnover of $16bn for 2016 ($11bn -2015) with a market cap of $12bn. We are a leader in providing integrated urban developments in partnership across the private and public sectors and are widely regarded as the pioneer of the PPP model on the Mainland since 1998.

Headquartered in Singapore, we focus on early stage investment of infrastructure, development and operation of new industry cities and mixed-used developments in key markets across Asia, Europe, North America and Africa having secured significant projects in Egypt, Vietnam, Malaysia, India and Indonesia in 2016. CFLD International harnesses close partnerships with a global network of industry players and associations to attract investment and develop the industry ecosystem synergies. Key sectors include downstream and light-to-medium industries, both in the manufacturing and services sectors.

Committed to Indonesia

Our commitment is to collaborate with Indonesian companies in developing industry cities and enhancing cooperation between Indonesia & global companies. CFLD Indonesia possess the expertise in developing integrated economic, social, eco-friendly industry development.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Developing integrated economic, social, eco-friendly, and hi-tech technology new industry cities.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Influential Leader of "World Class New Industry Cities Developer"